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2013 MBA CREF, San Diego

The annual MBA CREF 2013 conference is coming up this Sunday. Attendees are expected to be over 2,500. The 2013 MBA CREF conference promises to be one jam packed with networking and deal making. Sunday kicks off, literally, with the Super Bowl. It is almost guaranteed that there will be more people discussing the latest FedRate than whether or not the San Francisco 49ers will bow down to the Baltimore Ravens.

The sessions and panelist at the MBA CREF conferences are always insightful, and 2013’s lineup is no different.  A couple sessions in particular stand out:

Monday’s opening session will be given by John Bucksbaum of Bucksbaum Retail Properties. Bucksbaum’s discussion on General Growth Properties and the Financial Crisis promises to be an interesting insight into how his family dealt with the collapse of their company that had been in business for 55 years.

Wednesday’s closing session also looks interesting. Moderated by Mark Monte of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and panel of speakers; Herbert Kolben, Marina Massari, Michael Thomas, and Erika Smith will be discussing CRE portfolio lenders syndication of loans in efforts to raise capital for their clients, manage balance sheets and diversify risks.

The MBA CREF conferences tend to provide a good read on the outlook for the year, so here’s to a great show and a great 2013!