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ADA Surveys in Due Diligence

Entry by JoeDerhake


Compliance with accessibility requirements is an important part of real estate due diligence, often addressed through an ADA or Accessibility Survey. There are many parts to the issue and liabilities can be significant.


My associate, Ira Grossman, has a blog series covering these ADA issues, from the history of regulations to the details of accessibility requirements. He also covers the use of Property Condition Assessment with ADA surveys and the variety of regulations in federal and state jurisdictions. 

How thorough of an accessibility review do I need? Accessibility is addressed in a Property Condition Report, but the scope of the accessibility survey can vary widely based on the client’s needs. 

What codes apply? Accessibility is governed not just by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but also by other federal, state and local regulations. 

What are the main accessibility concerns at a property? Understanding the basic components of any accessibility survey. 


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