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ALTA Survey, Phase I ESA and Property Condition Report all in One Call

Where can a commercial real estate buyer get an ALTA Survey, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), and a Property Condition Report (PCR)  in one call?  Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Assessments are routinely bundled.   When Partner completed the acquisition of Continental Surveying, a national survey coordination firm, in February of 2011, Partner became the first national firm to be able to deliver all three of these due diligence products to commercial real estate buyers.

When a real estate investor is buying a portfolio of assets in multiple states, dealing with different firms for each of these services is difficult.  Partner offers the chance to address all of these needs in one call.   Our environmental assessor, commercial building inspector, and our surveyor can work together, as all three services require collection of information from the City.  One project manager can manage schedules, site access, and client updates.

The client can rest assured that their assessments will be high quality as Partner is a national leader in all three services.  Partner has twice been named the number one provider of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, by volume, by EDR’s ScoreKeeper. 

Partner’s property condition assessment (PCA) business is almost as robust as our environmental assessment business; although no one ranks providers of property condition assessments.   Partner organizes our property condition assessment business around client type: equity PCAs, Fannie Mae lenders, Freddie Mac Lenders, HUD Lenders, and pre-foreclosure PCAs are some of our most active assessment specialties.

Partner’s ALTA Survey Coordinator business recently grew greatly with the addition of Continental Surveying.   Now Partner is one of the top 5 survey coordinator firms in the country.  Our surveys are generally done to conform to the 2011 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.

At times we bundle other services such as Asbestos Surveys, Geotechnical Surveys, or Zoning Reports.