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An EP’s Guide to Picking Up Women at the Bar (2 Comments)

Entry by JoeDerhake

I was out at a bar in Manhattan Beach the other night and heard some real estate broker shoot his mouth off on how he closed $5 million in deals last year (in Manhattan Beach that might be 4 homes).   Nevertheless, from my seat at the married table, his game seemed to be working. 


Anyway, it got me thinking.  How would an EP brag his accomplishments for the past year?   “I performed 100 ESAs last year”….big whoop.  We are doing science which is generally more complicated, and the general public doesn’t often get what we do.  In the big picture, we’re helping our clients complete deals, so what if the EP instead boasted, “I advised on $500 million in commercial real estate transactions, can I buy you drink?”  I am sure this boast would get a “yes,” unless you are unattractive, she is married, or you have food between your teeth.