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The Affordable Care Act – Ramifications for Employers of Seasonal Workers

In his recent white paper, Abe G. Salen of The Wolf Firm, discusses who a full time employee is under the Affordable Care Act. Read the full article: The Affordable Care Act – Effect on Seasonal Employees Read More »

A Quick Guide to Ordering an ALTA Survey

An ALTA Land Title Survey can be thought of as a pictorial representation of the title commitment or preliminary title report of the subject property. In essence, it’s a combination of a boundary survey, location survey, and title survey, showing improvements and encumbrances. The ALTA survey is an essential tool for all parties involved in a real estate transaction or development, which is used t... Read More »

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and Due Diligence 101

During the acquisition, refinance or foreclosure of a property, it is important to understand the asset’s potential environmental liability in order to protect your investment and to weigh the risks associate with that investment. This means making sure that there is no major environmental liability associated with the current or past use of the subject property. There are a few due diligence step... Read More »


When faced with a trouble tenant or other adversary, many commercial landlords and property owners are inclined to rush to court to litigate the matter.  Often, this is the best solution.  However, sometimes it is not. Certain actions, such as Unlawful Detainer actions, are on a fast track in the court system, which allows for expedited (1) rulings by the court, (2) possession of the premises by t... Read More »

Risk Classification: Standard Practices?

As I mentioned in my first posting, I took a survey of the Environmental Bankers Association Membership as to what is and is not a recognized environmental condition.  The results were presented at the Environmental Bankers Association Conference in Utah on June 9th.   The survey results are posted on the EBA’s Website and my website ( I think the results are very interesting! ... Read More »