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Construction Spending – What do March numbers mean to banks?

Bill Tryon Discussion Construction Spending for March. Read More »

Solar Due Diligence

Taking a look at how a thorough transactional due diligence assessment can help you make better decisions in the solar market. Are you buying, selling or financing a solar Photovoltaic (PV) facility? The solar industry has evolved rapidly from 2006, and the bustle of activity surrounding this renewable energy source continues.  Today, the costs of PV systems are a fraction of the initial installed... Read More »

Webinar: a user’s guide to Phase II ESAs

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Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Underwriters, analysts, and loan officers who want to deepen their knowledge of Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence are well served to learn a little about each type of third party report that is needed to underwrite a commercial real estate transaction.    Five of the most commonly required commercial real estate due diligence reports are Phase I Environmenta... Read More »