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vapor intrusion

Pre-Lease Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) practice most commonly focuses on pre-loan and pre-acquisition due diligence, but pre-lease Phase I ESAs are common enough.    In this blog I seek to highlight the value equation for pre-please Phase I ESAs as well as give users the tools to decide what, if any, environmental due diligence should be done before entering into a commercial real estate ... Read More »

Off-Site VEC and De Minimis Environmental Conditions

Is a VEC a REC or a de minimis environmental condition? Read More »

EEL on a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC)

Expected Environmental Loss (EEL) on a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC)? Expected Environmental Loss is a term I coined and introduced on my previous blog post.   EEL is essentially the mean or expected loss that an owner will experience if they own a given asset with an associated recognized environmental condition (or Vapor Encroachment Condition, VEC).    The term is mathematically patterned ... Read More »

Off-Site Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs)

Off-site RECs Read More »

ASTM E2600-10 Vapor Encroachment standard – Discussion at Recent EBA

ASTM E2600-10 Standard for Vapor Encroachment and its implications for the Phase I ESA process. Read More »