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Due Diligence Changes in the Multifamily World

The multifamily lending world is changing.  Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made some significant adjustments to their lending requirements so now is a good time for borrowers to reassess the best financing source for their multifamily investment.  I recently wrote a blog on Active Rain summarizing Freddie and Fannie’s changes, which explains the new underwriting activities and due diligence requirements in more detail and answers the question of what a borrower should look for when deciding on the appropriate level of Due Diligence to be undertaken prior to a transaction. This will help borrowers to weigh up the various lenders, see how they compare to each other, and select the best lender for their project. Read my blog “Due Diligence Advice for Multifamily Borrowers” or Summer Gell’s article titled “Charting a Course through a New Multifamily Lending Landscape” to learn more!