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Heeding Green Advice

The benefits of green building and energy efficiency are real and increasingly want to be realized by commercial real estate investors and tenants alike.  Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.’s green retrofit of their new company headquarters in Los Angeles provided Partner with firsthand experience in realizing those benefits.  By undertaking this project Partner is now able to provide invaluable insight to their clients on the full lifecycle of green building projects, from planning to financing, to implementation, and measuring results.

“In the past few years, real estate investors and tenants alike have realized the benefits of having energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. The rewards are vast and include: lower utility costs and higher net operating income; improved green branding and marketability; greater tenant satisfaction; compliance with local codes; and a reduced impact on the environment.

In response to this growing market interest, green building and green retrofitting has increased significantly in the past several years. This, in turn, has created opportunities for commercial mortgage brokers to guide and advise clients on green financing. It’s also created opportunities for engineering, environmental and energy consultants who provide guidance to commercial and multifamily building owners and investors on how to take advantage of green programs.” Erika Petty, Heeding Green Advice, Scotsman Guide, August 2012

Green building retrofits can accomplish a variety of goals.  Those goals should be understood and well defined.  A number of financing vehicles are available and many offer energy efficiency incentives.  A successful project requires a strong team that incorporates strong relationships to accomplish financing, design and build, and building commissioning.   By using the lessons learned from their own experience in seeking financing and implementing green building measures, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. can be a key piece to that team to ensure your project is a success.

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