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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and Erosion Control

One of the many unfortunate effects of the burst in the housing bubble is an overabundance of partially completed subdivisions and erosion control issues due to lack of maintenance.  In many cases, these subdivisions have been graded and have been left void of any vegetation.  In some cases, they have been partially developed with a brand new landscaped residence abutting a vacant lot with erosion.  The lack of vegetation at these properties allows rain and storm water drainage to erode surface soil.  This leads to various erosion control issues such as; clogged storm sewers and silted waterways.  This causes the new landscaping on the abutting property to be all but destroyed.  In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in destroyed site work, several states are imposing penalties and fines to the property owners (often the bank) for lack of proper maintenance of erosion control issues

Recently, we have offered erosion inspections as a value added service to our clients.  These erosion inspections are conducted as part of the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment or can be offered as an independent inspection and letter report.  This brief evaluation will give an indication of site conditions and determines the need for additional evaluation.   Partner Engineering and Science offers a full range of erosion control products ranging from site inspection to erosion control plan design and implementation of mitigation measures.