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Property Condition Assessment and ADA Compliance

To what extent should a Property Condition Assessment focus on ADA Compliance?    In our practice, some clients want a robust ADA Compliance Audit and other clients are happy with a brief paragraph discussing the building’s compliance on a general level.   The purpose of this blog is to make clients aware of the ADA options that can be included in a Property Condition Assessment (PCA).

Most commercial building inspectors do not have sufficient training to conduct an ADA Survey; however, if the client expresses the importance of the ADA Compliance to the PCA firm early on, the firm can staff a building engineer or architect with ADA training.

We recommend that the client consider the following options when ordering a PCA Report:

  • Option 1: Full ADA Survey included as part of the Property Condition Assessment;
  • Option 2: Require Property Condition Assessment Report to include an ADA Checklist;
  • Option 3: Require only a general discussion of the ADA in the Property Condition Assessment Report;

Of course, the first option is the most expensive and the third option is the least expensive.   I encourage equity clients who are buying hotels or multi-tenant office buildings to choose Option 1.

Barry McPherson, an Architect and long time commercial building inspector, has developed a specialty practice in assessing complex assets for ADA Compliance during Property Condition Assessments.  He can be reached at 214-234-9566.