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Quality Showcase Videos Help Commercial Real Estate

The Benefits of Posting your Commercial Real Estate Videos on Platforms such as YouTube

A quality commercial real estate showcase video can provide exceptional marketing for your displayed property and brand. Through YouTube and social media platforms, your property can spread to thousands of potential buyers in a matter of minutes. YouTube shows highly personalized content to each user. Therefore, YouTube will generally display a showcase video for a commercial real estate property to people in the commercial real estate industry. As a result, more people are exposed to your property for sale, increasing the amount of intended interest, thus raising property prices. Even if finding a buyer for your property is not your main interest, spreading your showcase videos throughout the internet can increase brand awareness.

The Importance of Video Quality

Rather than cheaply hiring a videographer or, even worse, filming your videos, employing a high-quality service may be a good investment. Most professional showcase services have superior cameras, such as drone or helicopter footage, that can showcase different aspects of the property. More importantly, having a high-quality camera can give the viewer a similar experience of walking through the property itself.

The Importance of Video Editing

  • Adequate selected music plays a significant role in the viewer’s hot cognition of the property
  • Special effects can keep viewers more engaged and entertained
  • Complex animations can help viewers visually understand the architecture and property features

How do I Create High-Quality Showcase Videos? 

There are many complicated components to make a high-quality video, so I recommend you find a service or freelancer to fulfill this. Secondly, editing takes little learning time but years of experience to master. You could salvage a decent video with a bit of wit by simply cutting and organizing the clips with an editing program such as Adobe.  Most of the time, some firms do both filming and editing. From my experience, these firms have good-quality video edits. Hiring a service to do everything is the best answer for most commercial real estate firms. From my experience, I’ve learned that there is a massive difference between a good and a great editor. If you are looking for top-level edits, you should hire an individual freelancer or a video editing agency. There are many great firms, such as my company, ZapxMedia, that can fulfill this for you.