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The Importance of Erosion Control Inspections During Collateral Analysis

During the housing boom, clearing large parcels of land for development became routine.  After the market downturn in late 2008, construction projects throughout the country halted midstream.  On many sites, construction equipment was left to rust and utilities and roadways were partially installed.   The stormwater management and erosion control systems that were installed as a temporary measure to prevent sediment laden-stormwater from leaving the sites during construction are failing, due to a lack of maintenance or poor construction practices.    Nearby waterways are becoming overloaded with sediment from these failed developments.

All too often, large areas of denuded land have become the responsibility of mortgage holders and local governments.   Many local governments are experiencing budget shortfalls and are looking to mortgage holders to fund necessary repairs to stabilize sites.  Lenders are not exempt from liability under the Clean Water Act, and could be held liable for runoff at abandoned developments.  In order to quantify potential liabilities, it is important to make sure that erosion/stormwater inspections are completed as part of the collateral analysis process.

Partner Engineering & Science is experienced with design, construction, evaluation and maintenance of erosion stabilizations projects.