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TRIENCE (noun) – pertaining to and the study of the ENVIRONMENT, ENGINEERING AND ENERGY as they pertain to facility management

TRIENCE (noun) – pertaining to and the study of the ENVIRONMENT, ENGINEERING AND ENERGY as they pertain to facility management.

Is Trience really a word?  Do people really study these things?  Are they teaching Trience in high school labs and college lecture halls?  Is Trience part of the newly enacted federal government regulations developed to stimulate economic growth?

The answer to three of these questions is generally “No”.  However, professionals like us really do study Trience (however, we really don’t call it that yet…).  As an environmental engineering consultant (would that make us Trientists…?), our job is to provide intellect and answers to the eternal “what if” when man’s development and progress intersects with protecting human health and the environment.   Our core expertise often includes some element of environmental assessment, engineering investigation and/or energy audit services (Trience).

Many of our public as well as private sector clients rely upon us to assist them in the identification and resolution of environmental issues such as asbestos, mold, underground storage tanks (USTs), contaminated soils and groundwater. We work closely with many commercial real estate based clients who look for our building assessment expertise in evaluating all major building systems and site improvements as part of the Property Condition Assessment (PCA).  In addition, we perform Energy Audits in order to identify how energy efficient a building is, and how to increase its efficiency and reduce consumption costs.

We apply sound engineering and scientific principles to our recommendations, designs and solutions.  Whether we are preparing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) as part of the standard course of due diligence, estimating immediate and reserve costs as part of the PCA or establishing a facility’s energy star rating, we prepare our reports to exceed the expectations of everyone involved including peers, lenders, and regulators.  We practice good Trience.

By Steve Kitzke