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Quality Showcase Videos Help Commercial Real Estate

The Benefits of Posting your Commercial Real Estate Videos on Platforms such as YouTube A quality commercial real estate showcase video can provide exceptional marketing for your displayed property and brand. Through YouTube and social media platforms, your property can spread to thousands of potential buyers in a matter of minutes. YouTube shows highly personalized…

Are We in the Zone? What You Need to Know about Zoning for Commercial Real Estate Deals

Zoning is a major factor in any real estate transaction. It determines how a parcel of land can or can’t be used and allows communities to control property values and ensure safe land use. Zoning rules and regulations are divided into two categories, these being land use requirements and ordinance-based requirements. The intricacies of zoning…

Understanding ADA Requirements for Historic Properties

The passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) made access to places of public accommodation a civil right and is applicable to all properties, regardless of age or status as a ‘historic property.’ In other words, all places of public accommodation must remove barriers where feasible with no exclusions or exemptions. However, some historic…

How a Geologic Review Can Avoid Costly Issues during Construction Projects and Transactions

How can geologic reviews or geotechnical investigations save you money?

Why PCAs are a Valuable Tool for Investors and Lenders

A Property Condition Assessment is used by lenders and investors to help determine the risk associated with an asset.

A closer look at the new ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments

ASTM has updated it A2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments. What were the key changes?

March 2015 Events

Start            End              Conference                              Location 1 5 ICBA National Convention Orlando, FL 2 4 CLRM Roundtable Phoenix, AZ 3 3 CREJ: Multifamily Owners and Managers Conference and Expo Englewood, CO 3…

John Hancock Centre – Structural Engineering Creating Value

I recently wrote a blog about the value of architecture, in which I concluded that a building’s cultural symbolism or history, and the way its design is perceived by the public and the industry affects the return it delivers to investors.  Having spent many years living in Chicago, I decided to look at how this…