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Hire Veterans for Careers in Environmental Science

Entry by JoeDerhake


As the Phase I Environmental Assessment continues to bounce back after the recession, we are all looking for staff.  Three years ago no one was hiring Environmental Professionals.   Now we’re seeing a hole in our pipeline of talent.  

At the same time, we have a large number of veterans returning from two wars.   We have set out to hire veterans and we have had real success.   If simply supporting those who served isn’t enough motivation, there are sound business reasons for hiring veterans for careers in environmental science.  First, you will benefit from a mature person ready to enter a career and second, you can be eligible for a federal tax credit of around $9,000 for the first year.   Nice.  

How to hire veterans? 1) We created a “Partner Hires Veterans” page expressing our commitment to provide jobs for US veterans, 2) we reached out to VA facilities to be put in touch with the best people, and 3) we support a range of programs like, Hire Heroes USA, and Warriors 4 Wireless.    

I hope everyone had a great year, and that the end of the year rush for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments subsided enough for everyone to be able to fully enjoy the holidays.

Happy New Year! 


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