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New Jersey’s Right to Know-What You Need to Know!

The New Jersey Department of Health recently announced a new online system for submitting your annual Right to Know Survey. As most know, the RTK surveys for each facility are due on the 15th of July every year, but due to the new changes, the deadline for submitting the 2013 RTK Survey online will be extended until February 15, 2015. But even with the extension, it is a daunting task to take all of the steps necessary to file your Right to Know information.

What is Right-To-Know?

The New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act (N.J.S.A. 34:5A-1 et. seq.) requires all public employers to report information about hazardous chemicals used, produced, or stored at their facilities. The law provides publics employees, emergency responders, and residents with the information that they need so that they are aware of chemical hazards that they may be exposed to at their workplace or in their community.

Achieving Compliance

Partner’s on-staff expert, Brian Maitland, CSP, CET, CPSI, can help you and your appointed RTK Coordinator navigate all of the intricacies involved with the Right to Know Act and the procedures that you need to follow to be compliant. By working with your RTK coordinator, Partner will conduct an on-site inventory all of the chemicals used, stored, or produced at your facility and correctly compile and submit all of your RTK Surveys using the new online systems as well as prepare hard copies and mailing labels for the required County, State, and Local agencies you are required to submit to.

If you are currently a client, Partner will be working with you through the entire process to ensure your RTK Survey is submitted correctly using the new online system.   If you would like Partner to complete your online RTK Surveys and provide hard copies for the other agencies for each of your facilities, please contact us for a free quote or visit for a detailed description of our Right to Know Service.