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Radon-An Invisible Killer

Entry by: Sue Krobthong, NEHA, NRPP

Naturally occurring and chemically inert…although radon can come from man-made situations like landfills or use of radium-containing building materials, the vast majority is NATURALLY occurring and can be found in one thing that can been found everywhere from the breakdown of uranium (the same element used to make nuclear bombs) decomposition of the earth’s crust or in one simple word we know and some of us even ate as a kid ….SOIL.

The fact that human beings are usually afraid of things they can’t see supports the fact that radon is to be feared.

Radon, like its parent uranium, is radioactive. Radon is unstable and will break down into a family of elements called radon decay products.  Radioactivity or radioactive decay products can kill you.  Especially in a world so modern like ours… The fear associated with radon (gas), that hardly anyone knows or understands about it, it can’t be seen; you can’t smell it or even taste it.  Not many people know, but radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Radon can be anywhere.  So how do you know it’s there?  So, how do we fight?  Do we have enough to locate and prevent it from anonymously killing?  Are there enough laws to prevent it becoming a threat?

The best way to prevent radon is to minimize exposure risks you have with radon.  The first thing is to detect the threat and find a way to mitigate it.

Radon reduction systems can reduce radon levels in the home up to 99 %.