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Why is a Phase I ESA different in Atlanta, Georgia?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reviews a property to identify potential or existing environmental liabilities. It is typically the first step in the process of due diligence when a property is being purchased, refinanced, or developed. A Phase I ESA aims to assess the potential for contamination at a property and identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that may need further investigation.

The process for conducting a Phase I ESA in Atlanta, Georgia, follows the same steps as in any other location. The process typically involves a review of historical documents, a site visit, and an evaluation of potential sources of contamination on or near the property.

During the review of historical documents, the environmental consultant will review records such as building permits, aerial photographs, and environmental reports to determine the property’s past use and any known environmental concerns. The site visit involves a physical inspection of the property to assess its current condition and to identify any visible signs of contamination, such as spills or leaks.

After completing the site visit and review of historical documents, the environmental consultant will prepare a report detailing their findings and any identified RECs. If any RECs are identified, further investigation may be needed to determine the extent of the contamination and to assess any potential impacts on the property.

It is important to note that the scope and requirements for a Phase I ESA can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the project. Working with an experienced environmental consultant is recommended to ensure that the assessment is conducted properly and meets all relevant regulatory requirements. 

Top Reasons: 

  1. Atlanta is a populous city in a rural state, so we assess various properties, from industrial complexes and commercial offices to small businesses and farmland. 
  2. Atlanta is a constantly growing business hub, and many clients rely on Partner to assess novel and innovative facilities. 
  3. The Atlanta office has experienced assessors from various backgrounds, including environmental health, forestry, geology, and other disciplines. 

It is important to hire an experienced professional for your commercial real estate due diligence.