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Chinese Drywall, A Quick Summary

I participated in a conference call a few weeks ago sponsored by the Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) that discussed “Chinese Drywall”.  An attorney and a consultant both provided presentations and their perspective on the issues and how they are dealing with it.  A quick summary: Chinese drywall was generally used in the southeast U.S. after the hurricanes/storms in…

Property Condition Assessment and ADA Compliance

To what extent should a Property Condition Assessment focus on ADA Compliance?    In our practice, some clients want a robust ADA Compliance Audit and other clients are happy with a brief paragraph discussing the building’s compliance on a general level.   The purpose of this blog is to make clients aware of the ADA options that…

Risk Classification: Standard Practices?

As I mentioned in my first posting, I took a survey of the Environmental Bankers Association Membership as to what is and is not a recognized environmental condition.  The results were presented at the Environmental Bankers Association Conference in Utah on June 9th.   The survey results are posted on the EBA’s Website and my website…