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Partner Spring Webinars

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. is pleased to launch our spring webinar series. This series offers new and updated webinars that discuss commercial real estate trends, standards updates and changes as they affect the commercial real estate industry. Registration for all webinars is at no cost to industry professionals.

Webinar Topics Include:

The Essentials of Seismic Risk Assessments
Why should you order one?
What goes into a Seismic Risk Assessment?
Overview of the scope requirements of ASTM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD
Seismic Policy – A tool for lenders and investors to manage seismic risk

***Includes a review of Freddie Mac’s new policy announced in April 2013
Presenter: Joshua Marrow, PE

SBA Loan Liquidation Due Diligence 
Understanding the new SOP 50 57 and limiting your liability

Presenters: Chris Gregor, REA, Gary Reynolds and Marshall Stanclift

Soft Story Seismic Hazards and City Ordinances
An overview of soft story buildings and the hazards they can present, and a review of municipal seismic evaluation and retrofit ordinances for major California cities including the proposed mandatory San Francisco Soft Story Seismic Retrofit Ordinance.

Presenter: Joshua Marrow, PE

A User’s Guide to Phase II Subsurface Investigations
What you need to know about the Phase II scope, data collection and data interpretation

Presenters: Joseph Derhake, PE, Kristine MacWilliams, PE

New dates and topics are being added. For future webinars and to register, visit Partner’s Webinars page.