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The Legacy of Birdsall Services Group

Birdsall Services Group ( was founded in 1919 and the assets of BSG were recently purchased by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner).   Birdsall Servicse Group (BSG, Birdsall) was an award-winning full-service engineering firm headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey.   Ralph Orlando was named President of Birdsall Services Group in November of 2012 replacing the retiring Howard Birdsall and has continued on with Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. as the Division President.


News Coverage of Partner’s Acquisition of Birdsall Services Group

Joe Derhake, President of Partner announced the merger in this Youtube video:   Birdsall Acquisition.   Also, Ralph Orlando and Frank Romeo of Partner discuss the benefits of the merger to clients in this Globe Street video:  Birdsall / Partner Video.    Partner’s acquisition of Birdsall Services Group was recently covered by several media groups:


Birdsall Services Group’s Service Offerings

Historically, Birdsall Services Group offered a wide range of engineering services and most of these are available in the continuing entity and in many cases augmented by Partner Engineering and Science’s 350 person staff of professionals.   Significant engineering, environmental and energy service offerings are:

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP) Design
  • Energy Efficiency Audits & Consulting
  • Renewable Energy Consulting
  • LEED & Sustainable Building Consulting
  • Land Development / Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Surveying
  • Environmental Consulting & Remediation
  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) assessment and remediation services
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Health & Safety Consulting & Training
  • Regulatory Compliance


Acquisitions and History of Birdsall Service Group

Birdsall Services Group was an amalgamation of several highly respected engineering firms.   The firm was founded as Birdsall Engineering, Inc. in 1919.  Much later in the company’s history, several engineering firms were acquired between 1996 and 2010.  Specific firms that were acquired by BSG include:

Lynch Giuliano & Associates (LGA).  In 1996 Birdsall acquired Lynch Giuliano & Associates which had provided engineering consulting and land surveying services since 1970. Michael Giuliano, PE, PP is continuing with Partner in a leadership position.

Johnson & Associates / John C. Morris Associates / Morris Johnson & Associates.  In 1997, Birdsall Services Group acquired Johnson & Associates, which had been in business since 1956.  In 2001, Birdsall acquired John C. Morris Associates, which was combined with Johnson & Associates to form Morris Johnson & Associates (MJA).   Morris Johnson & Associates specialized in design and consulting for MEP systems, information technology and building automation.  John C. (Chris ) Morris III, PE and Clare Broderick, PE, LEED AP are continuing with Partner in a leadership position.

PMK Group.  In 2008, Birdsall acquired PMK Group, an energy, environmental and engineering and consulting firm founded in 1986.  Pat Lorimer, MPH is continuing with Partner in a leadership position.

CMX / Schoor Depalma.  In 2010, Birdsall acquired select assets of CMX / Schoor Depalma, an engineering and land surveying firm.   Ralph J. Orlando, PE is continuing with Partner in a leadership position.

After these acquisitions, Birdsall consolidated the various groups into one cohesive company and changed the company name from Birdsall Engineering, Inc. to Birdsall Services Group, Inc.


Awards Won by Birdsall Services Group, Their Projects, and Their Employees

Birdsall Services Group’s employees and projects were highly regarded by their peers and regularly won significant engineering and environmental awards.   A few significant awards won by BSG’s employees are:

Additionally, Birdsall was consistently ranked among the top three engineering firms in New Jersey.

The Birdsall Services Group team worked on many high profile private and public projects in the northeast region including:

Birdsall’s employees included many highly credentialed veterans of their fields and over 60 have stayed on board with Partner.  Their certifications included:


Birdsall Services Group’s Enduring Legacy

Birdsall Services Group had a tremendous reputation for their expertise, quality of work and dedication to serving the communities of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and beyond.

This commitment will now live on under the Partner banner.  During the merger with Partner, Ralph Orlando noted that “Our staff has never wavered in their commitment to creating solutions to engineering challenges in communities throughout our state, and becoming a member of the Partner team positions us to continue to do so with unprecedented strength.”

Frank Romeo noted that “We have been particularly pleased by the response of many of BSG’s clients, who have committed to stay with us and are excited about this transition – truly a testament to the caliber of work that the BSG team has delivered.”